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Between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, , we see an historic line-up of planets in astrology, involving Pluto, Ceres, Saturn.

Not because they have an inherent love of money but rather a pragmatic appreciation for what money can provide them. People with this sun-moon combination are bound to possess a good mind for business that can allow them to build wealth and success through entrepreneurship and sound investments.

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The Taurus sun Taurus moon personality is someone who takes special pleasure in the physical aspect of relationships. They have a deep desire for close intimacy and to immerse themselves in the sensations that being in love gives to them. Once they become attached to someone, that person becomes like another one of their possessions. They are devoted and try to build something beautiful together with their partners. At times, Taurus sun Taurus moon men and women can become complacent and too comfortable in their routines.

This can make some partners bore of the relationship if the Taurus is paired up with a fire or air sign. Water and earth are like to enjoy the best compatibility with Taureans. Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Aries Rising — Your approach to life is to seize the day and tackle the task at hand with energy and enthusiasm.

You maintain a calm attitude in the face of complications and problems and are able to assess hairy situations rationally and sensibly. You exemplify sensuality, beauty, and poise. You are very resourceful and prudent and put yourself in the best position possible to succeed and acquire long term prosperity.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

You have great ideas especially in the realm of design and money-making schemes. You can be very crafty and clever when it comes to finances and litigation. You prize stability and security and seek to create firm foundations for yourself and your family members. A shrewd business person. You are also fond of luxury and keen on living a good life. You are proud and prefer to be in positions where you can be in control over your own livelihood. You come across as modest although you have attractive qualities and physical features.

You can be very difficult to please but are generally casual and easygoing. People find you to be friendly and attractive and your sense of style is admirable. You will be those old lovers holding hands even when you are sitting in your rocking chairs having a glass of wine or tea.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Personality |

I am a Capricorn woman with moon in Taurus. My lover is a Gemini with moon in Taurus, too. We get along pretty well. And we both agree that we compliment each other with the traits one of us lacks. Both of us are extroverts, but he's good in business while he admires me for being a deep-thinker and praises my ideas or opinions which I share with him. Is this because we have the same moon sign? I do hope we will end up together coz we're both working hard for our relationship and we both want a long term one. And we're both committed with each other.

How nice to see you Sylvia! Taurus Moon usually means a person who needs security, and likes comfort and beauty, but will work for it as long as there is time to relax. Of course he should have been happy while dating you! I know with the Scorpio moon, he should have snapped out of it!

Probably the moon has a negative aspect to it, as the Taurus Moon alone shouldn't cause pessimism.

Comparison with its symbol, the Bull:

My late husband had a Taurus Sun. He used to get maudlin about WW two and space movies. I always thought that he must have fought in that war in another life, he would get so upset watching documentaries about it! He always loved rockets and space, he would take off work to watch certain launch events. He got very emotional about those too. He had Venus in Pisces. So I'm still thinking it's more than the Taurus Moon.

A good meal in a restaurant or musical event should cheer him up. Best Regards, Jean. My Taurus Moon, a charming Libra Sun, was a pessimist. An expert on World War One, he liked heartrending movies about prisoners, outcasts, and Irish orphans. I Scorpio Moon was annoyed that he was so pessimistic, thinking he should be happy or at least happier because he was dating me.

Conversations always led to how civilization was circling the drain and we were all going to die and die alone, and how his father never bonded with him. Could this have been his Taurus Moon? Most Taurus guys are faithful and steady.


Your ex probably has planets in Gemini, many of who are the biggest liars in the Zodiac. I was married to a Taurus and we dated for 5 yrs. So it's the Gemini inflence. Your Taurus Moon represents your emotions, so you want a Taurus type relationship, a secure and loving one. Scorpio rising is the mask you wear, so it's hard for others to get to know you. The Leo sun makes you outgoing for Earth signs, but the Scorpio and Taurus in you is compatible with water and earth signs.

Leo is a challenging aspect for Scorpio and Taurus, but that can be sexual interest and fun too. You just picked a bad one. Every planet is in an astrology sign, not just the sun. Try a Pisces or Virgo, or even a Taurus who gives off the vibe of wanting a real relationship. They usually will tell you right away they care and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They send flowers, have great taste in jewelry, and treat you like a lady.

Capricorns do that too! Good Luck. I have Sun sign articles on all 12 signs on Exemplore. My last ex is taurus man. And his hard to get to know at first, his a good guy, i know.. But he lied to me, never told me that he has a girlfriend. And 3 months of dating. He makes me number 2. I broke up with him, but in the end he ran back to me, and have a memorable moments but after almost 2 yrs of dating the longest dating i have i broke up with him again.

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Because I realized.. I dont love him anymore. And now, im with capricorn man. Another earth sign, but I think it will be the same to my taurus ex. Im leo sun sign, scorpio rising, and taurus moon. You don't have to worry about opposites. They add a challenge, but it's usually not too serious.

Basically, you want the same things, but go after getting them in different ways. It sounds like it's going well, so that's what matters, right?