12222: Year of the Pig – Chinese Animal Signs

Likewise, anyone born in an Earth Buffalo year is known as an Earth Buffalo. First, the Vietnamese calendar is often used. But since there's a difference of one hour between Hanoi and Peking, this may cause a difference of one day, one month, and even one year between the Vietnamese and Chinese calendars. Our calculator is strictly in conformity with the Chinese calendar. Second, as it was pointed out above, any Chinese year takes place somewhere between January 21 and February 20 according to astronomic circumstances.

It's therefore inaccurate to say that all people born in are Oxen, since the year of the Ox in question only began on February 3, , while people born between January 1 et February 2, , are Rats. Our calculator takes all such peculiarities into account.

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Compatible with Monkey and Rat. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake are rich in wisdom and charm, you are romantic and deep thinking and your intuition guides you strongly. You are seductive, gregarious, introverted, generous, charming, good with money, analytical, insecure, jealous, slightly dangerous, smart, you rely on gut feelings, are hard-working and intelligent.

Avoid procrastination and your stingy attitude towards money. Keep your sense of humor about life. The Snake would be most content as a teacher, philosopher, writer, psychiatrist, and fortune teller. Compatible with Rooster or Ox. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Horse love to roam free. Your capacity for hard work is amazing. Your are your own person-very independent.

While intelligent and friendly, you have a strong streak of selfishness and sharp cunning and should guard against being egotistical.

Chinese Zodiac Sheep

Your sign suggests success as an adventurer, scientist, poet, or politician. You are energetic, self-reliant, money-wise, and they enjoy traveling, love and intimacy. Compatible with Dog or Tiger. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Goat enjoy being alone in their thoughts. They need lots of love, support and reassurance. Appearance is important too.

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Except for the knack of always getting off on the wrong foot with people, the Goat can be charming company. Your are elegant and artistic but the first to complain about things. Put aside your pessimism and worry and try to be less dependent on material comforts. You would be best as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.

Compatible with Pig or Rabbit. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey thrive on having fun. You are energetic, upbeat, and good at listening but lack self-control.

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They like being active and stimulated and enjoy pleasing self before pleasing others. You are a vary intelligent and a very clever wit.

Because of your extraordinary nature and magnetic personality, you are always well-liked. The Monkey, however, must guard against being an opportunist and distrustful of other people. Your sign promises success in any field you try. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster are practical, resourceful, observant, analytical, straightforward, trusting, honest, perfectionists, neat and conservative.

The Rooster is a hard worker; shrewd and definite in decision making often speaking his mind. Because of this, you tend to seem boastful to others. You are a dreamer, flashy dresser, and extravagant to an extreme.

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Born under this sign you should be happy as a restaurant owner, publicist, soldier or world traveler. Compatible with Ox or Snake. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog are loyal, faithful, honest, distrustful, often guilty of telling white lies, temperamental, prone to mood swings, dogmatic, and sensitive. Dogs excel in business but have trouble finding mates. The Dog will never let you down. Born under this sign you are honest, and faithful to those you love.

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You are plagued by constant worry, a sharp tongue, and a tendency to be a fault finder, however. You would make an excellent businessman, activist, teacher, or secret agent. Compatible with Tiger or Horse. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Pig are extremely nice, good-mannered and tasteful. They enjoy helping others and are good companions until someone close crosses them, then look out! You are a splendid companion, an intellectual with a very strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out.

Your quest for material goods could be your downfall. The Pig would be best in the arts as an entertainer, or possible a lawyer. Compatible with Rabbit or Goat. You can find the year you were born to determine your own sign. Use the link below to determine the Chinese Zodiac animal for your birth date. To check each Chinese Zodiac sings in detail check this site: Chinese Zodiac. I am a dragon and as dragon people might be priest or artist, I am an art teacher at school and priest as well, as I am a religious person and I love to teach Isalm to young students.

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